Environmental air and surfaces disinfectant device with non-thermal plasma technology and Nano titanium blades. Desktop model.This technology by oxidize ring environmental organism, inactive and eliminate them. In this technology NOX and SOX combinations and also co are decomposed and inactivated. There is a highlight in this construction which is free radical that will be nonproliferation in the environment and all the reactions take place inside the plasma tube and the device compartment. Nano titanium blades combinations cause the production of oxygen plasma in the void environment inside the plasma tube which makes the environment sterilize and it is contravene with productions based ozone and its environment is made of ion and plasma that in turn is an innovative and new model.


The technology of this device is like that plasma circulates in the environment and as the air circulation circulates plasma and negative ion oxygen in the environment, can spread anywhere and oxidizer and inactivate microorganism in the air.


Device weight 2000 g Power consumption 35 watts per hour
Length 280 mm Includes colors black and white
Ordinate 250 mm The device performance is based on making oxygen’s plasma in 8 second and 80 second air circulation into the device's tube and out of it.
Altitude 80 mm Include on and off key



Contain international letters patent (2017)

Contain CE and ISO standards (9001)

Confirmation of Reference (antecedent) of medical science and health services of Gilan University.

The ability to inactivate and eliminate infections in air and surfaces.

Confirmation of corona virus testing in Turkish Oral and Dental Hospital and non-growed corona virus in placement of this device. Confirmation of Turkat laboratory under European standard regarding complete removal air microorganism.

Confirmation of Akretite laboratory of Turkish health ministry regarding test on fungal, yeast and bacteria.

Confirmation of Azerbaijan laboratory of water and soil researchers regarding test on bacteria. (Trusted laboratory of Iran environmental organization)

Confirmation of Razi vaccine and serum research Institute (northwestern region of the country)

Confirmation of Amiralmomenin Hospital, Buin Zahra regarding test on bacterial and fungal.