According to car theft, in order to increase the safety factor in the car, Amirzadegan Company Has produced to design and produce anti-theft disc car lock with the "Roham" brand.
One of the important ways to prevent from stealing cars, is thief's inability to move them. The main part of the cars in moving, is the wheels.
Some thieves even when they won't be able to move the cars, they try to push or move it from there so they can spend more time to Steal it.

This lock has got two mechanical and electronical parts.
The electronical section is made of two parts which the first part is electronical board and the second part is wireless remote control.
In Mechanical part, there is a special electronical pump designed for this lock which is formed from a very strong steel cylinder that this metal cylinder prevents any damages to the pump.On the top of this pomp, a steel pin is arranged.

When we press the A key on the remote, the electricity reaches the motor after passing electronical board and then the motor starts to spin and the spinning is in the right side and leads the pin forward.
Now the steel pin tangles with the disc and because of the high power of this electronical pump, block movements of the disc and when we press the B key, the motor starts to spin to the left side and leads the pin backward and the steel pin detach from the disc and turn back to the the back.This lock is installed on the cantilever on the wheels and back of the disc and it doesn't interfere with the distance between the car's brakes.As long as the engine is on, this system doesn't operate.As long as the engine is on, this system doesn't operate.
One of the advantages of this system is, it doesn't activate in case that someone touches the remote accidentally or even other people in the car press the keys unawareness and it causes increased safety factor when driving.


1- this lock is not accessible for thieves. In order to reach the lock thieves have to lift the car, using a jack screw, pull out the wheels and the disc and this takes a lot of time.
2- This lock will be so firm by Argon welding on the cantilever after the final adjustment so the thieves can't detach it even by hitting.
3- The steel pin which is tangled with the disc neither works like a magnet that loses its magnanimity when there no electricity in the car, This pin leads to forward and backward by a screw and this is another advantage of this lock.Because thieves can't detach the pin from the disc by losing electricity or pressing the pin.
4- Another advantage of this lock is its low weight of this product which is less than 1/5 Kg.This lock is wireless remote and in order to activate you should only press a key on the remote.
5- This lock can be installed on all local and foreign cars and also is compatible with central locking system and includes available anti-theft system on the cars.