Flying with an airplane always has got powerful attractions, but one of the problems for air travel specially the long ones is the lack of hobbies for the passengers.
The best stuffs of hobbies and the most Commons ones are watching movies, listening to music and reading books or favorite news.
In order to improve the best services in passenger’s aircraft and increase the services and make money out of it, Amirzadegan Company with Iran Electrical Industrial Cooperation (SA Shiraz)
has provided a plan of equipment in passengers aircraft based on a local Wi-Fi network in each plane.In this project, each passenger aircraft is equipped to a collection of wireless connection points that the number is determined by the maximum number of passengers on the plane, which they can have an access to this access points and install the provided software first by their smart phone, tablet or laptop and then use the provided services that is produced by this software.


1- Possibility to choose a film from a different collections and display it on the passenger’s personal devices.
2- Possibility to choose and read books with no copyright infringement. (In other words without downloading books within the user's system)
3- Possibility to choose and play music.
4-Possibility to play individually or in a group inside the plane.
5- Possibility to take an opinion poll.
6- Possibility to have a connection to the hosts or other flight crew.
7- Possibility to present origin and destination of tourism information and the cities that they are passing through. (Optional)


8- Possibility to display gap commercial in subtitle or before movie play back.
9- Possibility to install cameras and record the images on server. (Optional)
10- Create an exclusive TV network for operator aircraft network. (Optional)
11- Possibility to display live videos. (If having authorized by the appropriate authorities)
12- Possibility to display the commercial on the different screen saver as the passenger’s hardware and other intended hardware in the airplane.
13- Possibility to order and connect to the hosts for ordering food, drinks and any kinds of dessert. (Optional)
14- Announcing the airplanes location in notification on the passenger’s hardware or other intended hardware.
15- Present the 360-degree visual and virtual reality for passengers from the cockpit exterior. (Optional)

The solution of the network is star-shaped. In this project, there is a central server in the host location on every plane and by connecting to the electrical network, it receives its electricity.(All the equipment’s have the intended standards)
And all the access points will connect to the central server by a special cable. According to the vibration in air network and the possibility to harm the connectors and connections equipment’s in the following project, it is used the lockable M12 hardware so the connection will be stable.

1-There will be only one server in the airplane.
2- About the updating the content, just one server needs to be updated.
3- There won't be Latium batteries and there. Is no need for server to use battery (According to given standards)
4- Less costs than the others.
5- There is no need to charge the battery by the hosts while landing the air craft

And so on....

One of the important features about the hardware for using, is to have the DO160-G standards. The software of this collection has the needed standards which is very important for doing the project correct.These standards will be in the data sheets in the defined products. In this projects, both different hardware systems are exploited which is.



In this first solution all the existence software equipment’s in this one, has the DO160-G which they are international standards and these equipment’s can install on all the airplanes around the world and they also have PMA standards too.

In this second solution, we use a national server that the PCB of this server is designed and produced by Iranian scientists and manufactured parts has been done by the best European countries The server was provided by Camo tech company to carry out the necessary tests in the aircraft industry and was able to get FORM ONE from the Aviation Organization IRAN. This server supplies its power from the aircraft electricity. Also the access point of this solution could have passed the related tests and have got the certificate from the Aviation Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Note that since the related access point receives its electricity from the POE method, it won't be need to use the aircraft electricity which is a very important advantage for this hardware.



A) Passengers           B) Operating company

A) Passengers: One of the biggest problems in the passenger’s aircraft is keeping people away from visual and audio entertainment and even not being able to use the World Wide Web.Recreational a science, social, entertainment environment for the passengers is one of the important factors for attracting them. As it is told in the project before, people can have an access to different contents free such as film , music , book , audio book and newspaper which if they want to download them from the public net, they have to pay for the volume of contents.This project by making a best entertainment and providing any kinds of virtual and audio contents creates a fun environment for the passengers.People can also watch movies and listen to music by using VR functionality and with help of virtual reality glasses and connect to the 360 degree camera under the aircraft and imagine them self in the blue sky. This software can also provide a situation for people to play multiplayer games.

B) Operating company
1-One of the important features about this project is recording the images inside the airplane's cabin. According to the made programs, this plan is able to connect to the safety cameras and it can even record the pictures which will be done to a determined server wirelessly when the plane is landing.
2-Another features about this project is creating an advertising environment with very high-profits. In this plan by providing a multimedia’s atmosphere, there will be no longer making a profit in traditional physical environment in the cabin.By creating this ads environment, companies can display their ads along the movies in subtitle form or place the related logo next to the movie play back screen or they can even show ads in the midst of streaming videos. This program provides the possibility to send the ads as message for the clients while reading books.
Another point is that the companies will do their ads better in multimedia environment .We should accept that the companies are more excited about video ads and people are more attractive to them than the other ads.
3-Another features about this plan is making an independent TV network. IN this network the aircraft operating company can present their abilities and have the best and more communication with their users. Hardware and software capabilities of this solution provides the possibility to display live programs for their users by having the needed authorities.