PCP (Personal Computer Portable)

Amirzadegan technology development and Production Company took an action to design and produce the first All in One with computer desktop pieces. This company chose the PCP brand name for this product. This system has produced like all in Ones with computer desktop power and occupy narrow space in work place or houses. The hardware’s of a computer desktop such as a professional mother boards, graphic cards, with high speed processing and powerful cool system are installed very dexterously behind a 22 inches monitor. Considering the equipment’s of this product are the same as hardware’s of computer desktop. All of these hardware’s of this system include: CPU, ram, H.D.D, VGA card, Collin system and even mother boards are changeable and ability to raise.


1-contain very high power exactly like professional computer desktop.
2-ability to raise and change in all hardware and software pieces.
3-remain all the necessary administrative and industrial ports.
4-ability to change and raise by all the individual members with no needs to special equipment’s.
5-occupy narrow space.
6-contain a strong metal body. (Optional)