In order to facilitate travel more with intro-urban and extra-urban trains and also encouraging citizens to travel with it more Amirzadegan Company has given equipment plan of urban and intercity trains to a set of local network based on each trains and has provided a comprehensive
The important features of this plan is providing native software and hardware which we try hard for it. This software and hardware is provided totally naively configured design by Iranian experts. Designing the software can provide this ability to make our needs in the software very fast and we don’t have to use the world’s network or non-native agent software changes.


1- Possibility to choose a film from a different collections and display it on the passenger’s personal devices.
2- Possibility to choose and read books with no copyright infringement. (In other words without downloading books within the user's system)
3- Possibility to choose and play music.
4- Possibility to take an opinion poll.
5- Possibility to have a connection to the hosts or train crew.
6- Possibility to present origin and destination of tourism information and the cities that they are passing through. (Optional)
7- Possibility to display gap commercial in subtitle or before movie play back.



8- Possibility to install cameras and record the images on server. (Optional)
9- Create an exclusive TV network for Railway Company. (Optional)
10 -Possibility to display live videos. (If having authorized by the appropriate authorities)
11- Possibility to play advertisement on the screen saver such as passenger’s hardware and the other related hardware in the wagons like TV.
12- Ability to add and delete content
13- Possibility to order and communicate with the host for ordering food-drink and different deserts.
14- Possibility to announce the need for a doctor
15 -possibility to display the train’s location all the time for the passengers, (In the hard wares passengers or on TV or on the screen saver in the wagons).



The solution of the network is star-shaped. In this project, there is a central server in the host location on every plane and by connecting to the electrical network, it receives its electricity. (All the equipment’s have the intended standards)


This project is formed of hardware’s such as monitor, server, key network, Access Point and different electronical equipment’s.


There are two monitors in each compartment which the first one is a smart system and passengers can choose and display their favorite contents just by using hardware controls and even by touch pad system. The second one is not smart and display smart monitor's images.Equipment like server, rack, key network will be placed in air hostess compartment in order to protect and prevent passenger's accessibility or sundry, and there is network key for each cat 6 cable in the compartment to transfer data.This cable is connected to smart monitors. Passengers can watch their favorite contents by the available software’s in smart monitors. In this project in addition to placing monitor in each compartment a Wi-Fi network is created in all the compartment by Access Point.Passengers can use smart equipment’s such as smart phone, tablets or laptops to connect to the suitable Access Point and install content presentation software or watch appropriate contents just by different browsers.

Using all these contents for this solution is totally free.



A ) passengers         B) Operating companies

A) Passengers: One of the problems in public transportation especially subway and intro-urban and extra-urban trains avoiding people from visual and audio entertainment and even the ability to use internet network. This plan can be a factor in attracting passengers by creating recreational amusements for them, because as we said before, people can have access to many different contents such as film, music, books, audio books, newspaper …

In order to have this content in the public domain of the internet, you should pay the amount of internet costs and contents. This plan can create multimedia space which will provide the best entertainment and information space for them and make the cabin environment of boring environment in to a fun environment.

B) Companies of urban and suburban trains
1- One features and benefits of this plan is to create profitable advertisement environment. According to create multimedia environment there will be no more profitable traditional physical space inside the cabin. With the creation of this advertising environment, companies can display their advertisement into subtitle in each film or series or place their Logo next to the screen saver or can even display their advertisement during the film.This program can provide this ability to send to the subscribers during reading books.
The other point is the companies in multimedia space can do better their advertisements.
We should accept that the companies have shown more Desire for video advertisement and people are also more attracted to video ads to the other ones.
2-One of the other benefits of this project is to create independent television network. In this network, rail utility companies can show their ability and create a better and more effective communications with their user. The hardware and software capabilities of this solution can provide this opportunity for rail utility companies to make live programs available to their subscribers if they obtain the related permissions.
3-One of the other benefits of this project is attracting more users and customers, others entering into railroad environment face an entertaining one, so that they eagerly prefer using railroad and subways to driving private vehicles stuck in the traffic jam.