Amirzadegan Technology Development and Production Company started its activity with the registration number 459510 from 2014. . In the same year, the company succeeded in producing the first anti-theft car lock with a 99% safety factor.In addition to patenting its products in 2015, Amirzadegan Company won the award for the best booth of inventions from the first international police and security exhibition in the world.Another activity of this company is the construction of the first air server in the Middle East.One of the most important aims of this company is expansion its activities and using the knowledge, experienced powerful youth so Amirzadegan company took an action in IFE airlines and PIS railway units, which these two activities are the main ones of the company. 

Amirzadegan Company according to its aim which is expanding the company's activity and with its extensive to communication in railroad and airline industry, lunched a new unit in advertising and marketing. This company obtained a license to sell advertising space for railway and airline companies. For more information you can follow us on this website

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