Due to the emergence of new diseases such as coronary heart disease, black fungus, influenza, etc. and the transmission of pathogens through simpler ways such as contaminated surfaces and contaminated packaging, Amirzadegan Company, together with Arta Aria Company, has started to make a device for cleaning all kinds of clothes, packages, packaged foods, vegetables and fruits from all viruses, bacteria, fungi and molds.






We try to illustrate how the device works and the reason for using it. We assume that the father of the family went to the market with the family's mother to buy, and well, of course, they thoroughly observed all the hygiene items, such as wearing a mask and washing their hands with disinfectants. But does the story end here? Is just doing these things enough? One of the ways we transmit bacteria, fungi, germs and viruses from one place to another is through our clothes and clothing. When we are moving in a polluted environment, all kinds of germs and microorganisms attach to our clothes that we are entirely unaware of. When parents return home, these pathogens can be transmitted through the same clothes to different parts of the house and cause illness to family members.


The above device with the brand name of clean caver makes it possible for parents to put their clothes in a unique cover when they enter the house and connect the gas transmission system of the device to the installed surface of the cover and then according to the desired time. Depending on the amount of time they are outdoors, set the device's operating time from 5 to 60 minutes.This device eliminates all pathogenic microorganisms on clothes, packages, and items in a special cover by injecting ozone gas into a complete vacuum cover environment. This device includes a generator and three packing covers along with the manual and 18 months warranty