Iran’s handicrafts are the best ones in the world. Products such as handmade carpets, kilims, different types of engravings, enamels on silver and copper and different types of inlaids.
Amirzadegan technology development and Production Company in order to expand and support this old - fashioned industry and also according to great investing in banking body of the country, it has taken an action to provide purchasing handicrafts in total installments with no repayment. The credit for the services will be deposited on credit cards that will be provided to compatriots. Compatriots can purchase handicrafts with this credit up to 200 million rials and this credit will be renewed after the end of repayment period. According to the received coordination with banks of the contracting party, in this project all the repayments with an annual fee of 4% are calculated and replayed for 36 months.

Dear users in order to use the above services, you must register on the website and then the cards will be provided to you based on the selected services by your compatriots in the registration form and also priority in registration. Most notably that all the prices that are announced to the dear compatriots by the experts of this group are equal to the consumption prices of the desired goods in the markets and no increased prices will be applied due to installment sales on the costs. And this is a commitment from Amirzadegan technology development and Production Company which is checkable and comparable.