During fire, to control and fight with it in few hours, spend less money and endure less loss of life and property, possess the highest importance. To perform viable fire control operations by the firemen, it requires certain known locality and acts quickly with using appropriate equipment’s. Identify and inform of circumstances which will be achieved by early witnesses, but most of the time it won't be enough and it is the cause of dispatching manpower to damaged environment which has a high risk and also it can seriously threat the firemen health. The act of fire control quickly and relief for the probable injured, it needs to use specific, secure, flexible, efficient equipment’s in different situations at the moment of incident, that can be helpful with high factor of safety for relief aids and injured in the accident in firefighting process.Instead of sending firemen to fireplace and risk their lives which is the main investment ever, we can use a flying robot to fly over the fireplace in order to examine fire situation and the people who are surrounded by fire after figuring the situation and fire out in firefighting operation. Amirzadegan Company with Iranian knowledge has been successful in producing the first firefighter drone with Homa brand name in Iran that has many increasing facilities.


1-Contain a gun to shoot fire proof ball.
2-Contain recognized surrounded person cameras in fire with high precision.
3-Contain full control touchscreens.
4-Contain full HD cameras for imaging fireplace.
5-Contain full HD image transfer system for firemen team and their commanders on the earth.
6-Contain 7inches display on the handle in order to control the drone by the pilot so perfect.
7-Ability to take an aim on the picture in order to shoot fire proof ball and display the located shooting ball for the pilot and their commanders.
8-Easy to use.
9-Contain automatically operation system for tower building.
10-Contain anti-vibration system to show picture. This system helps to have the pictures with no vibration.