According to car theft, in order to increase the safety factor in the country, Amirzadegan Company is setting to design and produce anti - theft car lock. One of the important ways to prevent from stealing cars, is thief's inability to open car's door.We have heard some news about stealing cars over and over and because of high cost of cars in the countries, these stealing also raise too.If thieves want to steal the car, they have to get in first and this will be possible just by opening the doors.Maybe you say there is no need to open it.breaking the Windows would be enough But a thief never put his life into danger or even risk it.

Now you ask what danger?
The biggest one for thieves, is an inability to observe all around the area. If they want to steal the car by breaking the window, they have to push their heads in the car and they won't be able to observe the area and this is the biggest danger for them.
(According to theft expert of Tehran constabulary)
Well by reference to the collected information from Tehran car-theft department, thieves open the door in three second.
(It is avoided to explain how it do it due to social and cultural issues)

So we should do something either to the job impossible or increase time to kill. Amirzadegan technology development and Production Company had been successful in producing anti-theft car lock in 2016.This lock has got two mechanical and electronical parts. The electronical section is made of two parts which the first part is electronical dimension and the second part is wireless remote control. Amirzadegan Company has been successful in producing a remote control with an unequal codification system which raise the safety factor up to 80% and it is a solitary feature of this lock.In Mechanical part, there is a special electronical pump designed which is formed from a very strong steel cylinder that this metal cylinder prevents any damages to the pump.On top of this pump, a steel pin is arranged. When we press the A key on the remote, the electricity reaches the motor after passing electronical dimension and then the motor starts to spin and the spinning is in the right side and leads the pin forward. Now the steel pin reaches the arrangement hole in car body and it causes the door never open.

1- Due to using pin system, it won't open except spinning and the thief can't push the pin backward.
2- Because of blocking this lock in car body, thieves won't have an access to the lock.
3- This lock has a capability to pair to central locking system and the available anti-theft car lock.
4- This product is made of anti-corrosion alloys with acid, so it is also antacid.
5- One of the important features of this lock is that the thieves can't open the lock even if they lose the electrical power. Since the system neither activates with electromagnetic nor with gas or oil pumps.