Right now the hotel industry is shifting to a model without manpower intervention.When the hotel industry moves towards a low-powered we can see an increase in the number of smart hotels in the world. In this section technology primarily serves as an instrument to increase hotel productivity, improving human resource allocation and replacing low-value tasks, reducing energy consumption and hotel services and better for guests. But smart system never replace the manpower.Smart hotel is a hotel where instead of using and controlling equipment in the traditional way, special equipment with a special structure is used to control and monitor the hotel's equipment and facilities.For this purpose instead of managing and controlling equipment in the traditional way we can control and manage this equipment by using graphics software and touch screen via the internet and even outside the hotels. It is even possible for us to intelligently control and manage equipment such as security,installation, lighting and traffic control systems without human intervention.

Smart hotels by using IOT technologies connect to various hardware and software to each other and the global smart network through the internet or the hotel's internal networks. For example, several devices can be connected via a smart speaker or control the operation of the devices from a single control room.Why smart room technology is so important?

The use of advanced technologies makes it possible for hotel owners to significantly reduce hotel costs in addition to create more comfortable space for travelers. A part from traditional affairs, smart hotels provide products and services that are beyond normal, which shows the uniqueness of the hotel and the real respect for the guests. For example, luxury hotels provide control of the room through smart systems .Control of electric curtains and the situation of the cooling and heating system intelligently, change the brightness of the lights without the need to control each lamp.

Different requests with a simple click on the remote, use audio and video entertainment, all and all is possible with a smart hotel system based on consumption's taste.It also reduces energy, manpower and costs will reduce the price of services and thus provide more and more accurate services to guests.Smart system greatly reduce the risk of human error and speed of services delivery will increase dramatically. HSP application is a process that helps a lot of in reducing energy consumption and reducing hotel costs. Imagine a hotel room like HSP, where the lighting system detects the overall light level of the room, equipped with IOT automatic low and high brightness program and also the systems depending on the IOT temperature using the HSP heating and cooling program and the room can be turned on and off and with the help of this process, energy consumption costs, which is one of the highest hotel cost will be reduced.

Central management control system:
All facilities including energy consumption management , safety system , security system , audio system , surveillance cameras , pool and sauna management , irrigation of green space , internal communication and so on , it is managed through a central control and this integrated management allows the hotel management to be able to accurately assess the situation  , and in order to increase the use of and reduce the cost , take an appropriate action in the shortest time.You can use a product and avoid the problems which caused by the multiplicity of equipment from anywhere in the world and manage the entire collection through the internet and mobile.

Smart hotels solution features:

1- Designing how to manage and control room access.
2- Room temperature monitoring.
3- Monitoring people's presence in rooms while protecting people's privacy.
4- Monitoring the lighting situation of the room.
5- Possibility of notifying the reception of the guest’s room.
6- News from all rooms to the reception in order to provide services and clean rooms.
7- System connection of 'please do not disturb' of the rooms to central of rooms.
8- Software reservation of room.
9- Periodic reports for general repairs and maintenance of room.
10- Issuance of guest input sheets automatically.
11- Provide automatically guest billing.

Send emergency events and messages via SMS to all hotel guests. The guest room smart system gives smart hotel owners this capability so they can easily and comfortably control the whole room's system which are lights, room air conditioning system, curtains, audio and video system.Due to the fact that there is an ability to zoning in this system , electrical equipment for each area , such as lighting , curtains and audio system can be controlled separately or define different scenarios according to their circumstances or it is possible to control the equipment through the hotel map in the computer graphics software or touch panel.Smart system in rooms plus management control system is able to give employees the ability to monitor the rooms so that if the rooms are empty, the ventilation system is shut down just for saving energy and reduce monthly expenses, and also as soon as the guest fills out the form in the reservation section, the system turns on the room's air conditioning system automatically so as the guests enter the room, feel calm and comfortable.

Another things that can be considered for admission is the use of software which is in a graphic map of the entire hotel building and display its associated electrical systems and allows them to be controlled separately. In addition, through this software, it is possible to take the necessary measures to solve the problems of the system such as making sure that home engine systems are fine and can be solved in the shortest possible time if any problems occur. Temperature, light, ventilation, audio and lighting can be controlled in entire hotel.

Curtain control system:
The curtains open and close with a remote.
In the morning the curtains are automatically removed and the lights are turned off to illuminate the room with morning light. During the night, the curtains automatically close and the lights turn on. Also the amount of opening and closing the curtains can be changed by a remote. Opening and closing the curtains with a remote can have the most benefits in using natural light.
Ventilation and temperature:
Room cooling and heating facilities are controlled with a remote and adjust its degree so that each person can change the degree according to her/his physical condition. Also when a person leaves the room, the air conditioning system automatically shuts off and it turns on immediately after the person enters the room. The air conditioning system automatically shuts off when the windows or door open. Room air fresheners perfume the room automatically.

IPTV network TV system:

Internet TV or IPTV is a new generation of entertainment system that travelers can choose and watch their contents which can be movie , music , book and so on… .

Security system:

If there are no one in the room and the door is left open, it sends the necessary alerts to the reception or when the guest is not in the room, or someone who is not in charge for, intends to open the door in any way, the sound alarms occur.Employees can detect the presence or absence of guests in the hotel and if they are not in the room, it turns off the lighting, ventilation and audio system of the empty room. Close the windows and darken the curtains.