Due to the increase in car prices and subsequent increase in car theft, Amirzadegan Company, in order to increase the safety factor in the car, has designed and produced an anti-theft lock for car discs with the "Roham" brand. One of the most important ways to prevent car theft is to prevent the car wheels from moving. Some thieves try to push or move the car even when they cannot turn it on so that they can spend more time turning it on. This lock has two parts, mechanical and electronic. The electronic part consists of two parts, the first part is the electronic board and the second part is the wireless remote control. In the mechanical part, a special electronic pump is designed for this lock. This lock has a very strong steel cylinder that prevents damage to the pump.There is a steel pin on this pump. When we press the key 1 on the remote control, the electricity reaches the motor after passing through the electronic board, and then the motor starts to turn to the right and directs the steel pin forward. Now the steel pin is tied to the disc and due to the high power of this  electronic pump, it blocks the movements of the disc

and when we press the key 2, the motor starts to turn to the left and directs the pin to the back and the steel pin is detached from the disc. This lock is installed behind the front wheel disc and does not interfere with any vehicle devices such as brakes and handling system. It should be noted that this system has a separate intelligent system from the car computer and is not connected to the car intelligent system in any way. We illustrate this with an example: We assume that you have activated the anti-theft lock of "Roham" car disk while parking the car and you leave the car to do your work. After a while, you return to the car and start turning on the car, then put the car in gear. And starts moving, but due to the fact that your anti-theft lock is active, the car wheels do not move and due to the return of engine power into the engine, your car turns off. now how to disable the lock. Amirzadegan has installed a system on its computer. When the driver turns on the car, he first turns the first step of the switch and then starts to start. When the driver opens the first step of the switch, the electricity is cut off from the computer circuit of the "Roham" anti-theft lock that is, if the lock is engaged with the car disk, it remains in the same position until the driver turns off the car completely and removes the switch. 

At this time, electricity reaches the computer of "Roham" anti-theft lock and the computer is ready to accept the command the driver can now tap the 2 remote control keys to remove the lock from the car disc. With this system, the lock will not be activated while the car is moving, due to the fact that no electricity enters the lock computer. You can contact the company's phone numbers if you need more information. Due to the existence of China and the absence of copyright law and scientific theft committed by that country, we will be excused from entering more accurate and detailed information. The above product with registration number 84634 was registered as an invention in the State Property and Deeds Registration Organization on 10/07/2014 and has won the invention booth of the first police and security exhibition in the world in 2015.