Travel with train is attractive and memorable for everyone especially for the kids.
It is still stayed in minds the sweetest memories of traveling with train with our family for the first time.But this trip will be boring for passengers and the kids in long roads. So Amirzadegan Company took an action to design and produce the first game wagon in the world in the last month of 2018.There are 10 video game consoles which can be placed either X-box or PS4 and 20 persons can play simultaneously in this compartment and also 2 sections are prepared at the end of the train:


A ) Coffee shop : companions or others whom are interested in watching computer games can order different kinds of drinks so they can have it while watching their kids playing and amuse themselves for few hours in cold, soulless environment of the train.


B ) Smoking room : there is a place in 2×3 dimensions at the back of the coffee shop and far away from the game wagon for smoking. People who smoke can go there, use their cigarettes and if they want, they can provide a drink while smoking.