Family is one of the important thing that a person can have, care about and all the people try to provide their family's safety for sure.
Home is the safest place for all of us in the world. Except valuable home appliance in the house, we have the most valid thing; we must support our family soever. Amirzadegan technology development and Production Company had been successful in producing one of the best anti-theft house lock after 6 months studying and experiment in last days of 2016 This company could create a new product with high performance, with having a perfect experience in anti-theft disc lock and anti-theft car lock production. The anti-theft house lock is made of the previous lock with the same codification. This system creates a high safeness, considering having an unequal algorithm. This lock is formed of two strong pumps which are placed in two corner of four at the door

When you come out of the house you send an electronical order into the door just by pressing a key on the remote. Then the system after making the probable parasite disappear, dispatch the sent instructions to the elector mechanics pumps. These pumps transfer the elector mechanics power of the pumps into mental pipes and they enter into the preparation holes which are in the door frame.This lock has a smoke and fire sensor that is placed inside one of the rooms of the house.This sensor is connected to the central lock inside the door via a WI-Fi system.If the door of the house is locked and the house caught fire open the lock system automatically.


1- Thieves inaccessibility to the pumps and electronic lock system. It makes more distinction from the other anti-theft lock which works with a key in an old ways.
2- This lock by using an unequal codification is more advancement from the other available locks in the markets. Which provide their activity security by Bluetooth or RF.
3- Easy to install.
4- Less costs.
5- Automatic reopen, according to the fire or by creating smoke and increasing poisonous gases.
Ability to use when there is no electricity